Top Resources for CEO’s and Exec. Sales Leaders

Looking to move your sales team or company to a higher level of performance?
There are bigger picture issues that must be managed to move your team in the direction you want.
It is management’s job to give the sales team a real chance of success.
Immersing them in selling details and minitue won’t move the needle if other matters are not in place.
It is up to management to put the team in a position to succeed. Here are some articles on those issues.

1. Sales Management Debt: The Trade Offs Sales Leaders Make Will be Paid Back

Borrow to get something you want now, and it must be paid back, with interest. Is your sales team managing sales debt well? Or is disaster looming?

2. Binoculars and a Microsope: Two Key Lead Generation Tools

There is a bigger picture that has far more impact on sales team results. If you get too immersed in details you can’t see it.

3. Sales Leaders Don’t Let Sales Teams Call Crap

Pound the table and scream “more, more, more” all you want. If your sales team is calling crap it is all for naught.

4. Are You Ready for Results?

Without engaged sales leadership, with active coaching and close inspection, you are deludingl yourself.

5. Fire Salespeople That Believe “It’s All About the Price.” Now.

I’m not kidding. Fire them. They are beyond help. Selling beyond price.

6. Your Sales Team: Order Takers or Sales People?

How to tell the difference.

7. Is Your Team Chasing Sales Dimes or Dollars?

Position and prepare to grab the dollars.