Crafting Your Prospecting Sales Scripts: Key Issues In First 3 & 30 Seconds

Fact. People think 10X faster than you can talk. That means while you are yapping, they have time to think, ponder, evaluate, doubt, disagree, and form judgments about what you are saying. If you give them things to think about or doubt, guess what? Their minds will be thinking or doubting and not focusing on […]

Researching Before Your Appointment Setting Call. Worth it or Waste of Time?

When seeking to set a sales appointment or discovery call, should you research a company before you call or send an email? Let’s answer that question 3 ways. Now you may be thinking, well, uh, scott, isn’t it a good idea to research a company a bit so that you can communicate that you […]

4 Ways To Fall Short Of Sales Potential in 2020

Some salespeople have a mental disorder called BSNT or Bright Shiny New Thing Syndrome. Over and over again, the lure of something “new” that will bring sales riches is tried until it disappoints and is replaced by another new thing. You can lurch from one “things are different today” revelation to another, discover yet another […]

Prospecting One Level Below The Check Writer: The Impact On Closing Ratios

I’m going to share with you a rule of thumb I have used in prospecting I call the 6x rule. The origins of the rule came out of an appointment setting project I did years ago. This project was done for a management consulting company that worked across the United States. They had very strict […]

6 Random Thoughts On Appointment Setting B2B

1. Are you a rustler or a rancher? Too many are appointment setting rustlers. They start the day with nothing hoping to catch a few strays to sell. It is better to be a rancher with a herd. Nurture your herd, and you will sell far more cattle. Interact, feed and pay attention to those […]

Need An Appointment Setter Or Agency To Book Meetings For You?

Over the years I have worked with or had clients use individuals or agencies for appointment setting that I would strongly suggest you check out. No guarantees about the results you might get. If you are in the market for b2b appointment setting services, can share some sources that may be a fit for you […]

Master Core Script Paths, Before Thinking Of Lunatic Fringe

It’s a common worry among those new to appointment setting or high-level prospecting. Frankly, it also absorbs too much bandwidth among those that are working hard at prospecting yet not getting enough results. The worry which distracts from using the right verbiage to reach your business objective with a call or meeting, called preparation or […]

“Send Me Some Information” Response Wimp Test.

SAMPLE BEST RESPONSE TO THE ” JUST SEND ME SOME INFORMATION” SALES OBJECTION IS BELOW. IF YOUR OBJECTION RESPONSE TO “SEND ME SOME INFO” IS OFTEN “UM, OK” YOU ARE AN OFFICIAL WIMP. Here is what you can do about it.  On the list of top sales objections, this may be the most common one […]

Top 10 Phone Scripts Mistakes to Avoid

It takes a lot of effort, monotony and frustration to get an active buyer on the phone. Someone who is going to write a check to your or a competitor. A competitor for sure if you are not there. So at the moment of truth when you hear “Hello” and an active buyer will decide […]

13 Tips to Improve the Quality of the Prospecting Sales Scripts you Use

1. Three-second rule. You have mere moments to ignite something in your prospect’s brain that says “Whoa, maybe I should listen to this.” Once those seconds have ticked away, and your prospect’s brain thinks “waste of time,” your odds of success plummet, no matter how good you are or how much you might help them. […]