4 Ways To Fall Short Of Sales Potential in 2020

Some salespeople have a mental disorder called BSNT or Bright Shiny New Thing Syndrome. Over and over again, the lure of something “new” that will bring sales riches is tried until it disappoints and is replaced by another new thing. You can lurch from one “things are different today” revelation to another, discover yet another […]

6 Random Thoughts On Appointment Setting B2B

1. Are you a rustler or a rancher? Too many are appointment setting rustlers. They start the day with nothing hoping to catch a few strays to sell. It is better to be a rancher with a herd. Nurture your herd, and you will sell far more cattle. Interact, feed and pay attention to those […]

13 Tips to Improve the Quality of the Prospecting Sales Scripts you Use

1. Three-second rule. You have mere moments to ignite something in your prospect’s brain that says “Whoa, maybe I should listen to this.” Once those seconds have ticked away, and your prospect’s brain thinks “waste of time,” your odds of success plummet, no matter how good you are or how much you might help them. […]

Voicemail Disruption in B2B Prospecting Land. 6 Fun Facts.

Six fun facts about using voicemail in your sales prospecting process. There is disruption happening is voicemail land. You want to be aware of the changes and do what is necessary to stay ahead of your competition. Let’s review some statistics on voicemail volume, rates of retrieval, abandonment and why transcription and smartphones should have […]

If Your Appointment Setting System Is Not Working, What Do You Do? 3 Core Reasons For Poor Results.

What if you or your team are smiling, dialing, emailing, leaving messages, working hard and yet, too few sales appointments and discovery calls are being set. What do you do. Let me share with you my 3 step process for getting an appointment setting program on track. Three Core Reasons For Poor Results 1. The […]

Half Of Lead Generation Success Is 90% Mental

Sales Prospecting. Appointment setting B2B. Trying to scale and get your sales team more productive? Thinking right gets you most of the way there before you make a call, write a script, or leave a voicemail. An effective sales leader, or a top 10% sales rep, typically can conceptualize the big picture and understand the […]

Want More B2B Discovery Calls To Morph Into Great Accounts? Prospect At The Right Level.

Do You Start Prospecting At A level Lower Than Your Decision-maker and Work Up? Or Go Right To The Top Dog? If your economic buyer is an Executive Vice President, what is the pro and con of targeting a Director or Manager and working up? What if the CEO is the only one that can […]

Prospecting Words To Ban, Words to Demand

Ya, but You want your team to know and use the behaviors that are most likely to move them toward their goal in every situation. You need your team to work in the high-probability zone. Top performers are knowledgeable about and talk about behaviors, actions, words, scripts, which are the best to use in typical […]

Selling with House Money: Do You Make More Sales by Focusing on Overall Process or Individual Outcomes?

Would you rather be the casino or the gambler? Do you win more sales by focusing on the overall process? Or, the result of individual calls and pitches? In poker, there is a theory that when you make a bet with the odds in your favor, you have won something regardless as to whether you […]

Are You a Sales Prospecting Stop-Short?

Is your team fully leveraging the information gathered during prospecting calls? Or, is your organization a sales and marketing “stop-short?” You intend to gain maximum results for your lead generation investment, but after making a significant effort of time and money to make calls, generate leads, you fail to take that last small incremental step […]