B2B Sales Cold Calling Contrarian Truths: Get It Right by Knowing What Most Get Wrong

B2B sales people who optimize sales performance by gaining access to decision makers, convert those meetings to business cost-effectively… and sustain that success, stay congruent with the sales process and script strategies used by those who are successful appointment setters. Let me share some b2b sales tips and contrarian practices used by b2b sales reps […]

Researching Before Your Appointment Setting Call. Worth it or Waste of Time?

When seeking to set a sales appointment or discovery call, should you research a company before you call or send an email? Let’s answer that question 3 ways.  https://s3.amazonaws.com/scottchannell/Researching_myth.mp4 Now you may be thinking, well, uh, scott, isn’t it a good idea to research a company a bit so that you can communicate that you […]

Prospecting One Level Below The Check Writer: The Impact On Closing Ratios

I’m going to share with you a rule of thumb I have used in prospecting I call the 6x rule. The origins of the rule came out of an appointment setting project I did years ago. This project was done for a management consulting company that worked across the United States. They had very strict […]

Laser Focus On Economic Buyers. Throw Everyone Else Down The Stairs

Setting appointments and discovery calls is about ultimately closing sales. Your prospecting efforts are one part of an overall process that generates new business cost-effectively. People who have no needs, no money or no time will be annoyed and bothered regardless of what you do. Their feelings are irrelevant. Your objective – your sole objective […]

Discovery Calls & Appointment Setting B2B. Top 10 “Scottisms” for Success

Success in scheduling discovery calls and appointment setting B2B, Lead Generation and sales prospecting all boils down to some basic core principles. Over the years of smiling and dialing and helping sales teams to do the same these core principles have been embodied in “Scottisms.” Stupid simple sayings that capture the essence of appointment setting […]

Top 10 Benefits of a System that Consistently Spits Out Sales Appointments and Discovery Calls

Quality appointments and discovery calls improve your budgeting, cash flow, and profit margin. Let us review all the benefits that come to us when we can consistently and cost-effectively generate substantive first sales conversations with those who can authorize checks, that would clone our best and most profitable clients. 1. You can move beyond your […]

CRM / Contact Manager Functionality for Appointment Setting

A CRM is not a CRM is not a CRM. Especially when it comes to booking sales appointments and discovery calls. Appointment setting has some special requirements as to functionality and layout you want to be aware of. What works and might be acceptable in one sales environment is woefully inadequate when it comes to […]

Three Core Reasons for Appointment Setting Success (or Failure).

Hi, this is Scott Channell. B2B lead gen and appointment setting programs can under-perform for a variety of reasons, but there are three core reasons I see again and again, as the root cause for failure. If you fix, or don’t make these mistakes in the first place, you greatly increase your odds of creating […]

Lead Generation: Bumping Into Prospects at Right Time is Worth a Big Bang at Closing Time

Great scripts, pimped out CRM, a magnetic personality and having a great shiny widget. Ya, those things can help close a deal. But you know what beats them all? “Bumping” into the right person, at the right company, at the right time. Hands down. No contest. You can stack up your strategies to the moon, […]

B2B Lead Generation Follow-up is Key to Riches

If your lead generation process involves making phone calls you are making a significant investment. You should get every return you can for that time and money spent. Your objective should not be limited to setting the most appointments and scheduling the most discovery calls. That is just the beginning. In addition to those next […]

Appointment Setting B2B. “No” Is an Acceptable Result. “Maybeland” is death.

With your every calling action you are seeking to get more clear “Yes’s” and “No’s.” The most successful appointment setters communicate value such that qualified buyers can grasp it and they say “Yes.” But the flip side of that is that those with no needs will “get it” and say “No.” “No’s” are good. When […]