“Send Me Some Information” Wimp Test. Is Your Sales Objection Response Strong or Weak?

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Here is a word for word response to this cold call sales objection. The following is an excerpt from my book, SETTING SALES APPOINTMENTS: How to gain access to top decision makers at your most desired future accounts (and your competition’s best clients).


On the list of top sales objections, this is probably the most common sales objection you will hear. Let me be blunt. If your rebuttal to “Just send your material” is “um OK”, you are an objection wimp, your sales job is at risk, and you are dooming yourself to lead generation and appointment setting frustration. You’re also wasting a lot of time and company resources.

We know that most of the time when someone says “Send me some information,” it is really a blow off. Rather than tell you to get lost, they mumble a request to send them some info (which 95% or more intend to throw away) and for them the brush off is complete, the prospecting call is over. The most common responses to this sales objection wastes a great opportunity for qualifying as to worth and interest and leads to wasted lead generation time and a lot of frustration.

The “Send me more information” response is more often a golden opportunity to qualify rather than something that needs to be overcome.

Your cold call results will increase greatly when you use this an opportunity to qualify and kick out the tire-kickers and worthless. And oh ya, you close the sale more often when you identify buyers on the first call. The additional leads you put in your pipeline can vault you into the top 20%. Rather than get rid of you, your phone script helps you identify those that are a fit for you.

If you let the caller control your response to this objection, you lose. Because then you will have doomed yourself to calling back… calling back… banging your head against the wall and getting frustrated because these people who asked you to send your material (who you thought might be legitimately interested) don’t return your follow-up sales call after sales call. When, after 10 or 15 attempts, if you do get them back on the phone, that “interest” has almost always vaporized. They at best vaguely remember you. If they did get something you sent they haven’t read it or they can’t remember receiving it all. Almost always, the end of the road is a “No.” Given that background “Um, ok” isn’t the sales objection response given by a top producing sales rep. Our sales results can turn on getting this right.

Common responses to this sales objection guarantee wasted time.
Inside Sales Teams Let a Lot of Opportunities Slip Away If They Don’t Nail This.

If you get on this sales response treadmill, it is your own fault, not the fault of the people you are prospecting. Remember that your sales objective in prospecting is not just to set sales appointments, it is to re-shuffle the deck and sort your prospects in accordance with their potential value and worth. If you just say “ok” to the send-more-information sales objection blow-off, you have received no information of value to your prospecting efforts.

Not only that, the people who are legitimately high-potential, high-value prospects are not given the opportunity to identify themselves to you. Your response to the send me information objection must give those types of prospects the opportunity to identify themselves. Otherwise, you won’t know who they are and you won’t know who is worth more of your sales prospecting follow-up time. A prime opportunity to engage a qualified prospect and close more sales is wasted. Sales jobs can be lost due to this one

How can inside sales cold calling sales reps avoid this brush off?

The next time you get the send-more-information-objection blow-off, consider a sales objections script something like this: “You know, I don’t send out general information. The corporate literature I might send you is only going to tell you what I just told you. We are a 90 million dollar company that’s been in business 15 years supplying technology equipment like widgets and wadgets to companies such as United Intergalactic, Mega Corp and I B Sorry Corp. Let me ask you. Is there is some specific information that would be helpful to you, or if you happen to have a specific purchase coming up, I would be happy to put it together and send it out to you. Do you have anything specific in mind that I can help you with?”

And at that point… you do the most difficult thing a salesperson ever has to do when responding to a phone sales objection. You say nothing and wait for your prospect to speak. A great indicator of sales talent and the ability to close more sales is the ability to listen. Want to be recognized as top tier sales professional? Ditch the search for the latest greatest fresh sales strategy and just shut-up and listen more. Your sales process will thank you for it.

If he/she can’t come up with something specific, recognize that you have delivered your most powerful benefit laden credibility building opening value statement. If they don’t respond with something specific so that you can properly prioritize them, you can with confidence go right into plan B and cut that target loose. Buh-bye.

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If prospects do come up with something specific, like “Well, … we are going to replace $500,000.00 worth of widgets in a month…” or “well, we are going to buy $1,200,000.00 worth of stuff next quarter. Why don’t you send me some info on x y or z?” You’ll now know you have “a live one” and you have to do three things or your pipeline will suffer.

“Send me some information” sales training cold calling tip script sample

Contrary to the knee-jerk inclinations of the great unwashed, don’t try to immediately overcome the sales objection or act like a trained seal, “Oh, I’d be happy to send some.”

First, you have to really listen, let them speak. Don’t interrupt. When they are done, your response should be to ask an open-ended qualifying question or two in order to clarify their request and allow them to give you more information about their needs. Then, the top 20% of sales teams will steer the conversation back to their objection handling and appointment setting agenda.

Remember, we started out by saying that you never let your targets’ agenda become your own agenda. They may be asking you for information, but to be among today’s top sales producers you need a meeting. The odds of landing an account go up substantially when you get a face-to-face meeting.

So, when a target has told you he/she has a specific need or purchase coming up, it is even more important that you land a meeting.

At that point all you are selling is a meeting. Your phone script and response to objection techniques must enable qualified buyers to “raise their hand” out of the crowd. Once they do… sell the meeting. Get good at selling meetings and you get the opportunity to close more sales. And remember: the most frequent reason people don’t meet with us is that we don’t give them enough reason to meet with us and we don’t ask for a meeting. Your sales objection script must recognize this.

So, after listening to their request and then clarifying it with a couple of open ended questions, your response to the objection should be to swing the conversation back to your agenda and say something like the following.

“You know, I could put together a lot of info that would be useful to you...right off the top of my head I can think of three companies in your industry that we’ve helped to select and install what you seem to be looking for. I don’t know a lot of details about your company. But, you do have a few options to consider on this and there are a couple of things you want to avoid that could really cost you some money. Super Salesperson is our rep in your area and she has a lot of experience with this. If she had the opportunity to learn more specifics about your company, she could give you a lot of information that would be helpful to you and specific to your situation. It may or may not lead to a next step… either is fine. I could set up a meeting for you now. Would that be worth 30 minutes of your time?”

Sales objections techniques must achieve your business objective

Let’s look at what you have done with that send me some information sales objection response. You will have given those companies that do have a specific need the opportunity to inform you of that need. And you have leveraged that information into a tremendous benefit that they will receive if they agree to meet with you. They will get specific information on their particular needs from someone who is very knowledgeable. That is usually a pretty good reason for people to meet with you.

If they say “yes,” book it. If they say “no,” go into your “Plan B” discussion.

The above is only part of the tips given to respond to “send me some information.” The book includes specific sales objection scripts and response strategies to use when you hear “I’m all set”, “Call me back”, “We are not buying now”, “I’ll meet with you but call me in a month” and more. And that’s only what is found in chapter 7 – “Responding To Resistance.” Why not benefit from all the sales objection strategies now?

Best wishes for prospecting success,
Scott Channell

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