We can help you:

  1. Set More Sales Appointments & Discovery Calls
  2. Get More of Those First Meetings Deeper Into the Pipeline to Close
  3. Write Sales Scripts, Sales Scripts, Sales Scripts
  4. Cold Emailing

Set More Sales Appointments / Discovery Calls.

B2B appointment setting is not actually about setting appointments.

It’s about growing your business and profit with worthwhile net new accounts. Setting the first appointment is just part of that process. If your interactions don’t set the right meeting with the right prospects at the right time, profits don’t increase, expenses do. In today’s competitive environments with rapid change a focused integrated approach consistently implemented is what seats you at the table with those ready to buy. Teach your team the total process.

First Sales Conversations That Convert.

Does it feel like your sales team is just writing orders from the low hanging fruit?
Or, are your initial sales meetings moving the uncertain deeper into the pipeline toward a close?

If that first sales call doesn’t turn into a 2nd, 3rd and maybe a 4th or 5th sales call, there is no close. That first 30 – 60 minute meeting interaction must be choreographed to lay a solid foundation for a close and solidly sell the next step. Solidly.

We are not concerned with the layups and those that will jump into your boat. You want to focus on those potentially fantastic future potential clients that are a little more hesitant, a little more uncertain, that don’t know you well, that don’t yet fully appreciate your value. How do you move those great future accounts that are now vaporizing after the first sales meeting or discovery call, deeper into your sales funnel? We can show you.

Sales Scripts, Sales Scripts, Sales Scripts.

When you cold call and book meetings with 2,000+ C-level execs in diverse industries you learn that every word is important and the delivery of every word is important.

Work with sales teams for 20+ years crafting sales scripts to sell major accounts in complex sales environments and you learn even more. Those experiences helped a lot to write a book on the topic that has consistently been on Amazon’s list of best selling “sales and selling” books for 3 years.

I have written total script paths for B2B, B2C, inbound, outbound and even some infomercial projects I would be ashamed to admit to. Scripting today is not just about words and phone scripts. Its about the strategies behind the words selected. What is used and purposely not used. Placement, pacing, inflections. In phone scripts, voicemails, email touches, cold emails. It is about greatly increasing the odds that an interaction will achieve the business result desired. With words, strategy and delivery.

If your messaging is not getting the job done, contact us.

Cold Emailing

How do you reach and set meetings with all those great prospects that you can’t get to due to time and cost?

Wouldn’t it be nice to sit back and respond to a request to meet from a top prospect, rather than chase a bunch to get a reply?

Well, when you are one of the country’s top experts on sales and phone scripts you can take that knowledge and apply it to Email environments. Mix that scripting know-how with knowledge of how to select targets, use technology to automate the process, increase delivery rates and stay within the rules for safe online marketing, well, you have another tool to help you be there when clones of your best clients are ready to buy.

This technique can help you beat your competition to the better accounts.
If you might consider this contact us for more information.