Lead Generation: Bumping Into Prospects at Right Time is Worth a Big Bang at Closing Time

Great scripts, pimped out CRM, a magnetic personality and having a great shiny widget. Ya, those things can help close a deal. But you know what beats them all? “Bumping” into the right person, at the right company, at the right time. Hands down. No contest. You can stack up your strategies to the moon, […]

These Two Phone Scripts are Real and They’re Spectacular

Your “Set the Meeting” Script: Two Sample Scripts with Variations. Consider this. You launch your call process with many decision-makers by making the first call to get the name or if you are confident you know the name, making the first call to try to get them to pick up. Your objective is to obtain […]

Dear Scott: Should I Bonus Appointment Setters on Deals Closed?

Dear Scott: We are establishing a small in-house team to set up meetings. In addition to the base was thinking of giving a bonus based on a percentage of deals that close. What do you think? Bonus Boy Dear BB: Bottom line, I really don’t recommend basing appointment setter compensation on deals that close. There […]

B2B Lead Generation Follow-up is Key to Riches

If your lead generation process involves making phone calls you are making a significant investment. You should get every return you can for that time and money spent. Your objective should not be limited to setting the most appointments and scheduling the most discovery calls. That is just the beginning. In addition to those next […]

A Message About Voicemails

Lets Review Some Voicemail Basics, Then Analyze a Voicemail Script, Phrase by Phrase (below) Bulletin: Very few people who listen to a voicemail will return the call. How insightful. Some will and we want every word we select to encourage that. However, immediate response is not the only purpose of a voicemail. The voicemail works […]

How to “Bump” Into a Many More Qualified Buyers When You Prospect

  You or your sales team have limited time. Every business has limited resources. You must get maximum return for dollars and time invested. You must make informed decisions about whom to call, in what order and in what priority. You must at all times allocate your limited time and resources to where it will […]

Dear Scott: Is It a Waste of Time to Try to Set Appointments Between Christmas and New Years?

Dear Scott, I hope your doing well. Quick question—Do You find that calling between Christmas and New Years is a waste of time?? Ed Dear Ed, thanks for the timely question. Yes. Big time. In fact, my belief is that the period starting about a week before Christmas right up until you get back to […]

One Sales Floor Below: Cost of Starting Sales Process Too Low.

I’m going to share with you a rule of thumb I have used in prospecting I call the 6x rule. The origins of the rule came out of an appointment setting project I did years ago. This project was done for a management consulting company that worked across the United States. They had very strict […]

Sales Management Debt: The Trade Offs That Managers Will Pay Back – With Interest

Borrow by taking a quick and easy loan and you get things you want now, no waiting. You pay the loan back — with interest. Often that is good decision making. It’s a trade-off with a price. Sales managers (and sales representatives self-managing) have the option of borrowing to get something now, and pay the […]

Appointment Setting B2B. “No” Is an Acceptable Result. “Maybeland” is death.

With your every calling action you are seeking to get more clear “Yes’s” and “No’s.” The most successful appointment setters communicate value such that qualified buyers can grasp it and they say “Yes.” But the flip side of that is that those with no needs will “get it” and say “No.” “No’s” are good. When […]