How to “Bump” Into a Many More Qualified Buyers When You Prospect

  You or your sales team have limited time. Every business has limited resources. You must get maximum return for dollars and time invested. You must make informed decisions about whom to call, in what order and in what priority. You must at all times allocate your limited time and resources to where it will […]

Sales Management Debt: The Trade Offs That Managers Will Pay Back – With Interest

Borrow by taking a quick and easy loan and you get things you want now, no waiting. You pay the loan back — with interest. Often that is good decision making. It’s a trade-off with a price. Sales managers (and sales representatives self-managing) have the option of borrowing to get something now, and pay the […]

Cold Calling and B2B Appointment Setting – What’s Changed in 20 Years?

I set my first C-Level B2B Sales Appointment in 1994. The first million-dollar account obtained from one of those appointments changed that same year. Some things that used to get results, don’t today. But, contrary to the throw the baby out with the bath water crowd “all the rules” are not different today. My take […]

Lead Generation ??: Is the Sales Juice Worth the Squeeze?

Sales leaders are in a constant search for a larger number of better qualified leads and more new business. The hunt for a better way, a more effective sales technique, a killer sales script, better meetings, an improved sales process is never ending. So numerous times sales managers and reps are asking themselves “If I […]

Key Sales Prospecting Tools: Binoculars and a Microscope

There are two important lead generation tools that you may have overlooked. Not using them, and not using them in the right order, is punching more and more holes in your sales lead bucket. You can try to play whack-a-mole and patch the increasing cascade of leaks one by one, but the momentum is more powerful […]

Call Lists: How to Create a Highly Targeted Sales Prospecting List to Clone Your Best Accounts

How do you select the proper targets for your lead generation campaign? You better know the answer to that question and get it right. If you don’t, no matter what else you do correctly, you are sure to fail. That is correct. You can have killer scripts, a superior offering, be working an efficient and effective […]

Sales Management is Often Self Management. Pick Your Mentors Carefully

If you are serious about managing a lead generation process that consistently spits up qualified opportunities that convert, you have a very important decision to make. The decision? What behaviors are you going to model. Top sales producers have clarity about the behaviors that are most likely to work. Present them with any common scenario […]

B2B Sales Scripts- Team Telephone Techniques Leak Value Without Them

If you have a sales team that generates leads using the telephone and don’t have a solid core sales script path to work from, it is guaranteed that your sales reps are leaking value with every conversation. Value that leads to qualified opportunities and closed deals. To think that your team will be as effective […]

ACT! CRM Software Reviewed by B2B Prospecting Pro and Contact Management Consultant

You are not really in sales if you don’t use a contact manager. If you have crm software but use it as a digital dust collector or don’t use the basics well, you are costing yourself time and a lot of qualified business opportunities. In this audio interview and summary notes a B2B appointment setting […]

48 Sales Quotes to Motivate Your Sales Team

48 motivational sales quotes to amp up sales results by challenging your sales team to think differently about themselves and their approach to selling. The right quote can resonate with a salesperson to change sales performance. Hope these amp you up and inspire you to whatever level you seek to achieve. “Hire sales people who […]