B2B Appointment Setting Plan “B”: Part 3. When They Say “No.” Where the Real Money Lies…

PLAN “B” – PART THREE: WHEN THEY SAY “NO”: YOUR REAL MONEY LIES JUST BENEATH THE SURFACE. HERE IS HOW TO DIG IT UP. That top executive at a great prospective client company has just declined your request for a meeting despite your best efforts… what do you do now? Exchange meaningless drivel about keeping […]

Reach B2B Appointment Setting Unreachables With a “Plan B.”

How your “Plan B” Gets Unreachables and No’s Into Your Sales Pipeline Without Additional Effort Or Expense. Plan B. After scripting strategies it is the #2 concept that big-ticket appointment setters are most excited about – and tell me has helped them the most. Plan B benefits you big-time as it gets qualified unreachables and […]

Plan “B” when Appointment Setting is A Must

Your “Plan B”… or lack thereof…is the biggest factor in determining the total return on your marketing dollars. Two realities… 1. Appointment setting prospecting efforts MUST schedule enough appointments that convert to sales of sufficient size and profit margin… within a reasonably short time… to justify the cost and aggravation in the short term. No […]

Cold Calling Integration Challenge

Never ever cold call. Cold calling is dead. Elvis is alive. Ridiculous statements all. Cold calling for appointments is like any other marketing tool. Use it in the right place… and use it correctly… and you get results. Use it in the wrong spots… and incorrectly… you get frustration and phone phobia. There is one […]

Plan B for Appointment Setting. 5 Ways to Profit

High level prospecting is different. Find out how and the 5 ways you profit when you have a plan B. If you don’t have a Plan B, that should soon change. You are doing all the work, why not reap all the benefits. 3 minutes 55 seconds. If you or your team would like help […]

Plan “B”: Part 2. Where Appointment Setting: Where Most of the Economic Value of Sales Prospecting is Found.

PLAN “B”- PART TWO: WHERE MOST OF THE ECONOMIC VALUE OF SALES PROSPECTING IS TO BE FOUND…AND SIX WAYS YOU CAN TAP IT. Plan “B”. What is it and why is having one and properly implementing it so critical to capturing the highest return on your investment on your sales prospecting and appointment setting efforts. […]

Phone Scripts Strategy. Plan “B”: Part 1. Handling the Unreachable, No’s and the No Need Crowd

Also revealed… the #1 follow up strategy. Here are five cold cruel realities of sales prospecting that a good plan B will overcome. 1. Most prospects will turn you down. 2. With “major sales” the odds of initially contacting someone at exactly the right time is low. 3. Most costs are up front. Most profits […]