Basic Roadmap and Strategic Focus to Conduct Effective First Meetings with Sales Prospects

1. How long does a typical first sales meeting of discovery call last? Probably 30-60 minutes. As a general rule we have certain objectives to accomplish and we only have a certain amount of time. It is probably reasonable to assume that we will only have 40 minutes to accomplish our objectives. Plan and pace […]

10 Sales Pitch, Discovery Call and First Prospecting Meeting Tips

1. Very easy to rush through beginning phases of a sales call. 2. Very easy to talk about what we want to talk about. 3. Difference between sales efficiency vs sales effectiveness. Sales efficiency: getting in front of the right prospect at the right cost at the right cost. And spending the right amount of […]

What Top Sales Performers Do on First Meetings and Discovery Calls

Plan questions rather than presentations. They focus on larger strategic sales rather than quick hits. Have different strategies for different competitors. Get quickly to business rather than spend time on small talk. Ask questions with impact rather than unfocused questions unrelated to result sought. Discover the FREE “7 Steps to Crafting Sales Scripts That Sell […]

Better B2B Appointment Setting Guarantees Nothing… Without 2 Other Strategies

– How to avoid a flood of new appointments, yet no sales. – Two reasons why meetings you initiate require new tactics. – Five things you must establish to have even a chance at collecting a check. Setting more sales appointments is often a necessary first step to new account generation. Yet, sales and revenue […]

First Meeting Outside Sales Strategies. You Got the Meeting. Now What?

Often the question is asked, “Do you have any tips on making the most of these first meetings?” Yes, I do. Here are a few. First meetings have a specific objective. Make a substantive advance toward a sale. “I’ll call you” and “You’ll call me,” “we’ll keep in touch” or “I’ll send you that info,” […]

Strategic Questions For Outside Sales First Meetings. Avoid Prospect Vaporization.

WHAT ARE THE BEST QUESTIONS TO ASK AT A FIRST MEETING THAT ADVANCE A SALE? First meetings that lay a solid foundation for a sale are not the result of accident, your witty repartee or your shining personality (nobody cares). You will advance or make a sale at a first meeting as a result of […]

30 Questions that Lead to More Closed Accounts

How’s this for being put on the spot? I’m speaking to an annual meeting of a large international manufacturing organization. Top management and salespeople from around the world in front of me. The CEO of the company impolitely interrupts my remarks to demand an immediate answer to a question. No warning. No notice. No thinking […]