Dear Scott: Should I Bonus Appointment Setters on Deals Closed?

Dear Scott: We are establishing a small in-house team to set up meetings. In addition to the base was thinking of giving a bonus based on a percentage of deals that close. What do you think? Bonus Boy Dear BB: Bottom line, I really don’t recommend basing appointment setter compensation on deals that close. There […]

Dear Scott: Is It a Waste of Time to Try to Set Appointments Between Christmas and New Years?

Dear Scott, I hope your doing well. Quick question—Do You find that calling between Christmas and New Years is a waste of time?? Ed Dear Ed, thanks for the timely question. Yes. Big time. In fact, my belief is that the period starting about a week before Christmas right up until you get back to […]

Dear Scott: Relating Sales Script Credibility When You are New or a Very Small Business

Dear Scott – just finished reading your “7 Steps .. Appointment Setting” book – excellent book, great ideas but a question. The scripts & discussions in the book re credibility all seem to be based around existing larger businesses and having “big well known” client names to drop in – what if you are a […]

?? Dear Scott: Ask for the Sales Meeting or a Few Minutes Now?

?? Dear Scott: I love your books! 🙂 I work as part of small telesales team, in charge of lead generation and selling all done over-the-phone starting with a cold call. We are selling seminars and various business courses which cost between $375 and $630 and are conducted over 3 – 5 days depending on […]

?? Dear Scott: Is fax still an option for appointment setting and lead generation?

? Dear Scott: I read your “Setting Sales Appointments” book about once every year and had a quick question. A few years ago I disconnected my office fax machine and started using one of the virtual services (eFax). At around the same time I stopped sending faxes when prospecting for new business. I noticed in […]

Credit Card Processing Sales Leads. How to Get More & Appointment Setting Tips: Kick Start Sales How-to

Five Points for Those Seeking Quality Merchant Services Leads ? Dear Scott: Any recommendations to generate sales leads for the merchant services industry? I just started marketing this opportunity and need lead generation techniques to generate qualified credit card processing leads. I thought it would be easier to get small business leads when so many […]