When Sales Decision-Maker Says “No, no, no” and Calls Your Mother Names… Do You Call Back?

When you are cold calling / appointment setting and your sales prospect rejects you, does it make sense to call back? If so, when? You will learn… – What is true today is not true tomorrow. – Diminishing the size of the quality pool you prospect cripples success. – What you hear is not literally […]

If Cold Calling is Dead, Vampires are Alive

The Sooner You Stop the Cold Calling is Dead Delusion and Accept Reality, the Sooner You May Close More Great Accounts. Fact: “Cold Calling is Dead” is a lie. Mail is dead. Books are dead. Email is dead. The internet is dead. Cold calling is dead. Newspapers are dead. Those that believe such things are […]

How Mike Got Cold Calling Up To Speed

How Mike…. who was singing the woe is me, my market is so competitive, everything is price driven, I can’t figure out how to communicate my value blues… …turned it around and got his prospecting up to speed. Once upon a time there was a hard-working schmoe named Mike. Very knowledgeable, knew the ins and […]

Sean’s Cold Calling Gets Quick Close and Space Shuttle Tour

How Sean Turned a Cold Call Into A Cool Space Shuttle Tour and… Closed a $220,000 deal in three weeks. Read the Good, the Bad and the Uglier. Read Sean’s reply when they said “We have plans but they don’t include you.” Sean told me these 4 things right after he told me about the […]

Cold Calling “Unreachables” and “No’s.” What to do?

PLAN “B”-PART ONE: WHAT TO DO WITH THOSE WHO ARE UNREACHABLE, DON’T AGREE TO MEET, OR TELL YOU THEY HAVE NO NEED. Also revealed… the #1 follow up strategy. Here are five cold cruel realities of sales prospecting that a good plan B will overcome. 1. Most prospects will turn you down. 2. With “major […]

Do This Cold Calling Stuff Or Kiss It Goodbye. 5 Principles.

If you want to connect with high value prospects that will convert fairly quickly to a closed account… you better be doing these 5 things or you can kiss it goodbye. 1. Stop thinking you can’t. This still puzzles and saddens me. Hard working people with great products and services keep banging their heads against […]

Escape cold calling Voicemail Hell

A SALES STRATEGY TO BEAT THOSE “I CAN’T GET MY PROSPECT ON THE PHONE, VOICEMAIL BLUES”. We have all been there. Suffered excruciating aggravation and annoyance, when we can’t get someone to pick up the phone or return a call. They were interested enough to request information from us. We diligently follow-up, yet soon we […]

Cold Calling: 2 Questions to Turn Dead-End Calls to Closed Deals. $475,000 of Proof…

Got a nice call from a subscriber of this list yesterday. The story is worth repeating and emphasizes a couple lessons. She told me that after reading an article distributed a few weeks ago that she had ended every seemingly going no-where conversation with a decision-maker with a question. “Mr. decision maker, I don’t want […]

Cold Calling: 60/30/10 Rule Rules Again

Executing this one strategy well greatly increases your chance of success. Increase your ROI by focusing on the best of the best. Couple of recent events again demonstrated how getting just one thing right – can almost guarantee marketing and sales success. Get it wrong – even if you do everything else right – and […]

Close Your Cold Calling Benefit Gap. Seal More Deals.

Ensure you are communicating value that will outweigh objections and close more sales. Sales close due to the perceived value of the benefits we offer. Objections are overcome when our benefits outweigh our weaknesses. The lure of benefits makes it worthwhile for people to meet with us. Benefits are the key to generating opportunities and […]