B2B Appointment Setting Slump? How to Turn it Around.

B2B appointment setting is simple but it is not easy. What do you do when you feel you are constantly running into brick walls? Many appointment setters work hard yet get stuck. This 8 minute audio runs through the mental checklist I would use when I was calling and trying to get a new project […]

ACT! CRM Software Reviewed by B2B Prospecting Pro and Contact Management Consultant

You are not really in sales if you don’t use a contact manager. If you have crm software but use it as a digital dust collector or don’t use the basics well, you are costing yourself time and a lot of qualified business opportunities. In this audio interview and summary notes a B2B appointment setting […]

Value Selling: How to Close the Sale vs Lower-Price (not lower-cost) Rivals

– If you sell on price, for any reason, you are circling the drain. – If you have value, value is worth a premium price. – Many choose to pay higher prices right now because it is in their interests to do so. – Many do not want to pay the higher costs of lower […]

7 Appointment Setting Steps Before You Even Think of Picking Up the Phone

Successful lead generation and meeting with more high probability buyers is pretty much determined BEFORE you pick up the phone. There are things you must do to even have a chance of successfully using the phone to generate qualified prospects. Listen to the beginning of the webinar and pick up the first two points. Complete […]

B2B Appointment Setting Overview. Michael Senoff interviews Scott Channell. MP3

If you are looking for an overview of setting sales appointments strategies and want to focus on a few key principles that separate the top appointment setters from the frustrated…. listen to this interview. You can listen/download this interview of me by Michael Senoff who has interviewed dozens of marketing experts and makes them available […]

Selecting the Best Cold Calling List to Call when B2B Appointment Setting. A “Club” Audio Lesson

Your call program might be doomed to fail before you even make the first call.¬† Many are. It has always bewildered me as to why callers, call teams and call centers will spend significant time and resources calling for little results… yet refuse to spend about two hours of time making sure they are calling […]

Get Motivation for Cold Calling and Sales Prospecting

How do you “get motivation” for sales prospecting? When asked what they need, other than sales scripts and tips on dealing with gatekeepers and voicemails and getting organized, the most common comment I get is “I need to get motivated.” Sometimes long before there is a crisis, motivation comes from a reasoned sound plan for […]

Your “Sales Scripts” Mindset

Audio below. To be successful using the phone as one part of an overall effective prospecting process you have to have the proper mindset before you even try to prepare what you will say. I was reminded of this a few days ago when a coaching client related that he was the only one in […]

6 Behaviors for Appointment Setting Calls Extract More Value

How would you like to make the same calls, have the same conversations, yet get 2 to 3 times more value from your existing efforts. Most probably, with no additional time and spending no additional money (or practically nothing,) you can use these 6 simple behaviors to ULTIMATELY MAKE MORE SALES. Remember, this is about […]

Qualifying when Cold Calling. 3 Step Approach to Eliminate Tire-Kickers, the Worthless & the Crazy.

Qualifying. Three simple steps to spend more time with those likely to buy. Less time with tire-kickers and low-volume purchasers. Why you need to pull a “Columbo” on them. The key qualifying question you need to ask before you say “bye.”