5 Components of 30-Second “Appointment Setting” Script That Works

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Your Appointment Setting Script must accomplish 5 things in a matter of seconds.

When someone that has a need you can fill says “Hello,” how do you structure what you say in a sales script to get them to listen longer?

What are the component parts of a solid sales script path upon which you can build? That provides your maximum shot at setting an appointment or substantive “next step?”

Learn 5 things your appointment setting script must communicate well, get sample phrasing to communicate your credibility, benefits and asking for the meeting options. Find out what most others say that you shouldn’t and why you never, ever, want to try to sell your products or services at this step. 3 minutes 45 seconds.

Discover worthwhile cold call appointment setting truths and delusions from someone that smiled & dialed to set appointments with 2,000+ decision-makers. Download the FREE 46 Very Profitable Appointment Setting Tips guide today.

If you or your team would like help incorporating this process into your prospecting system check out virtual training options available 24/7 at FindingBusinessVT.com , along with personal coaching and group training. Questions? Call me to discuss what may be best for you. 978-296-2700,

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